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I love the idea of a wine and painting class, but never signed up for one because there’s not much freedom with them and would be about to sign up but then would think, “what the heck am I going to do with this picture of a purple turtle?” and found it to be a fun idea, but not worth the end product. I also love painting quotes on canvases, so I thought I might as well teach others so they can go home with something that suits them perfectly! I teamed up with Josh Adams Photo who came to my first class to document the whole thing! We started with choosing colors and looking through some quotes so everyone could get inspired and choose what they wanted to do! After painting their backgrounds, I taught them the basics of writing in calligraphy and gave them some time to practice. I taught them how to layout their wording on canvas and gave some basic painting techniques before they tackled the writing! They all surprised themselves with their own talents! Check out the photos below!

Kaylyn Sherman