DIY Watercolor Holiday Gift Tags

DIY Holiday Gift Tags | Pirouette Papers

I’ve been getting into the holiday spirit a little early this year and can’t wait! I also love wrapping gifts and making this little watercolor craft! It’s really easy and anyone can do it, even with the most simple watercolor palettes!

What you’ll need: watercolors, water, paintbrush, white paper, scissors, what you want to use to write the name in, a hole punch, string, and a beautiful gift to tie it on!

You start with small pieces of paper and can cut them in the shape of a tag. This is the easy part, although I still manage to mess it up sometimes. You can always find a template (like THIS ONE), print it and trace it.

Here’s how you do it!

The watercolor is easy too, and the number one tip would be to have more water than paint. You can either dip a side of the tag into a cup of water and then drop the paint in there, or you can get your brush very wet and then put the paint on that watery area. 

I tend to put quite a bit of water on there and then just dab the paint across and then I’ll do the same with another color if I’m mixing. Then, I let the water and paint flow by tilting the card where I want it to end up. If it’s too dark, you can dip it back into the water for a second and see if it lightens up a little bit! You can also create a gradient effect by using this technique.

Once it’s completely dry, you can write your names on there! I used the watercolor paint and brushed it onto my nib, where I wrote the name in calligraphy. The great thing about this project is that there’s so much room for your own creativity! Here’s how my final ones turned out:

I hope you have fun making your watercolor gift tags and that the receiver of your gifts will be impressed! Always such a cute touch for a handmade piece in a gift. Can be used any color year-round too!

Kaylyn Sherman