Hi Maggie!
Here is the initial breakdown of cost for you! There's everything we chatted about, plus your wish list items and day of details.
Let me know if you have any questions about anything or if you'd like me to switch anything around! Or if it's confusing, feel free to give me a call (:
Be in touch soon!

xoxo, Kaylyn


Main Invitation
125 qty, 2ply bright white paper, A7

Design: $800

1 letterpress pass (night color)

Navy edge painting: $150

Mounting to gate cards: $72

Gate cards with scoring for ribbon: $156

1" satin navy ribbon, tied in bow (assembled):

Shipping from printer: $25.00

Total: $1,788

Accompaniment Papers

125 qty, 130# bright white cardstock, 4BAR
RSVP card design: $0
Digital printing: $82

125 qty, 130# bright white cardstock, A2
Details card design: $0 (normally $20)
Map design in watercolor or outline: $100
Digital printing (double sided): $162

Total: $344


Main Envelopes:
Bright white envelopes with navy digital return address
(on front or back): $105

Calligraphy addressing: $250 flat fee (normally $3/env.)

Printed envelope liner design: $50
Printed envelope liner printing and assembly: $238

Bright white RSVP envelopes with digital return address: $94

Total: $737

Custom Postage:
No design charge, just what Zazzle costs (depending on what size/amount you want to get)

Design: $20 (normally $50)

Total: $20

not including sales tax or stamp cost from Zazzle

Wish List/Additions


Letterpress return address on main envelope: +$46

Day of  Details

Escort Cards
Bright white cardstock folded place cards: $1.50/piece (usually $2/piece)

Place Cards
White paper place cards: $1.50/piece (usually $2/piece)


175 qty, #10 (long and skinny), white cardstock
Design: $50 (normally $75)
1 letterpress pass: $228
(digital instead of LP: $189)

Total: $278
(for letterpress, no digital)

175 qty, Folded 5"x7", digitally printed on white cardstock
Design: $50 (normally $75)
Digitally printed on 3 sides: $369
Satin ribbon bow: $390

Total: $809

Table #'s

Cocktail Napkins

1 design, navy napkins with gold foil:
Plate fee: $28
300 qty: $102

1 design white napkins with navy foil:
Plate fee: $28
300 qty: $102

Shipping from printer: $20

Total: $280