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Wedding seating can get confusing with what you might want, so I'm here to answer all of your frequently asked questions and hey, you might learn something new!

Do I need a seating chart?
You only need a seating chart if 1. you want one, and 2. if you like it better than escort cards. Seating charts will tell guests which table to go to and they can be listed alphabetically or by table. They're usually larger displays so a bigger group of people can look at it at the same time. If you're having open seating, you will not need a seating chart or escort cards. If you're having assigned tables, you'll need a seating chart or escort cards. If you're having assigned seats, you'll need either a seating chart or escort cards AND place cards.

What's the difference between an alphabetical seating chart and one by table?
If you list them alphabetical, it's a little easier for guests to find their names, but if you don't like the look of that, you can also list them by table. Listing by table (also called table assignments) can be done a little more creatively as well! See below photos for examples:

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What is the difference between escort cards and place cards?
Escort cards would be used instead of a seating chart and they tell guests which table to go to. If you're also having assigned seats at their table, you would also have place cards which tell them which specific seat to sit in. For example, Sally finds her escort card that says "Sally Smith, table 2" and then she heads to table 2 and finds a card that says "Sally", so she knows to sit in that seat. Usually, there needs to be some sort of escort card display if you're doing them instead of a seating chart. If you have a plated meal, either card can have a meal choice indication on it.
Escort Card Example:

Place Card Examples:

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Do I need place cards?
You only need place cards if you'd like to have each guest sit in a specific seat.

How can I indicate meal choices on a place or escort card?
The most popular way to do this is with little dots on the bottom (ex: 1 dot = beef, 2 dots = chicken, 3 dots = veg), but we can also use colors (paper or ink) to distinguish, or any other little icon (ex: B=beef, C=chicken, V=veg). You can see an example of the dots in the above photo on the right.

How should I write the guest's name?
For escort cards, you can either write their full name or first name and last initial for those with the same first names. For place cards, you would only have their first name and last initial if there's two people at the same table with the same name.

What is the most cost effective table assignment method?
The most cost effective place/escort cards would be flat (as shown in the above photo on the left) and then tented. The marble pieces are the most popular, and are only $2 each for the 2" pieces. If you have something you find that you would like me to write on, usually the writing is only $1/piece. 

The most cost effective seating chart would be one printed on text weight paper and put in a frame, followed by one printed on foam board (doesn't need a frame, stands on its own). The more pricey seating charts are the handwritten ones on mirror, chalkboard, wood or acrylic. These start at $250. The only material I do not provide are mirrors, so I do ask those are either provided to me to write on or rented and I can come write them on-site. 

What are my options for signage materials?
Printed on paper (to put in a frame)
Printed on foam board
Marble (limited sizes)
Wood (sanded + stained)
Mirror (this is the only material I do not provide)
Acrylic (with painted back or not)

Can you write on something I find?
My answer is 99.9% of the time yes! The only time I can't is if there's an issue with finding a way to actually write on it or if my pen has issues writing on the material. You are definitely welcome to provide your own chalkboards, windows, wood pieces, mirrors and more. For example, in the place card examples photo above, the bride found those tiles for me to write on and they were gorgeous! If you have a material you'd like me to write on, let me know and we can discuss the specifics! This also eliminates the material cost from me, so sometimes it's more cost effective too!

What are your most popular place and escort card options?
Marble!! Marble is by far the most popular for place and escort cards and it's definitely beautiful! After that, it would be tented and flat paper pieces, and then watercolor ones (the photo with the blue). I also offer agate slices, capiz shells, and more if you want to get creative!

When should I order my day-of wedding pieces?
At around 2 months before the wedding date, contact me so I can get you on my calendar and so we can figure out what you want in terms of day-of details. With that, I will start ordering materials and getting started! Napkins and custom cake toppers require at least one month for those to get produced and shipped to me.

What about all of my other details?
You can find information about other day of pieces such as napkins, table numbers, etc. here!

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