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There's  a lot of little details for your wedding that you can add to bring some personality into your day! Here are some of the most popular and some frequently asked questions about them! Feel free to contact me if you have other questions too!


Can you print anything on napkins?
Pretty much! The most popular cocktail napkins are foil printed, which has to be an outlined object such as a monogram. If you want printed napkins with designs such as watercolors, I can get those printed for you as well! 
How much are cocktail napkins?
Cocktail napkins are $35 each design for the plate (foil is printed using a plate and heat), plus $33 every 100 napkins and any applicable shipping costs.
How many napkins do I need?
This depends on your guest count and how many bars you'll have. If you have 100 guests and 1 bar, I would suggest at least 200. Quantities go in increments of 25. If you're unsure about how many, it's always better to have more!
What colors are there to choose from?
There's a lot of colors to choose from and lots of combinations to make with the napkin and foil colors! See here:

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Do you offer a la carte monogram design?
Yes! A la carte, a monogram design is $50. We will go through a series of proofs to complete your monogram and make it exactly what you want! If you want a complex design or a design with watercolors, additional costs may apply.
Can I have different versions of my monogram?
Sure! If you're looking for one version with a date and one without, I can do that for you as well! Each variation is $5.
I need a file in a different format for my dance floor, can you send it to me?
Yes! I will send your monogram files in a .png and .jpg formats, but if your DJ requires it in an .ai file, let me know and I can send that to you as well.
What can you do with a monogram design?
Well, the options are pretty much endless! The most popular would be wax seals, or you can include the design in your invitations, envelopes, and day of paper pieces. You can also have it printed on napkins, cake boxes or tags. I've also seen brides use their monograms to get them etched on wine or beer glasses. Some couples will use them to project on a wall at their reception or on their dance floor! 

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Do I need menus?
Nope, only if you want them! If you're doing a buffet or stations, it sometimes helps with efficiency so your guests know what to look for once they get up there. If you're doing plated, they usually choose their entree before hand, so the menu is only necessary if you want to give them some more detail with what they chose and possibly a starter/dessert description.
Do I need programs?
Programs are another "only if you want them" piece, so they're not "required" by any means. You can have them for the guests to follow through the ceremony, or if you just want them to have something to read before the ceremony begins.
What do you put on a program?
You can put anything you want! Some ideas include: ceremony readings, wedding party, a "thank you" note to your guests, a remembrance, a timeline, cute illustrations - anything you want your guests to know the day of! 
We don't want a menu, but we want thank you cards on each seat. Can you do this?
Definitely! It's a popular option for sure! People often ask what might go on this thank you, and here is an example of "thank you" card wording:
"To our family and friends, it means the world to us to have you here. Thank you for the support, encouragement, love and laughter you have contributed to our lives. You are our teachers, guides, partners in crime and our favorite people in the world. We hope that you enjoy tonight's celebration and those we will share for years to come. Love, The Smiths."

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What are the best materials for table numbers?
Table numbers can be made from anything! Some of the most popular are paper, marble, acrylic, and mirror. The most cost effective would be paper and the most expensive would be the laser cut.
Do I need a table number for the head table or sweetheart table?
Table numbers for these aren't necessary, but you can definitely have them if you want!
Can you put something else instead of an actual number?
Of course! Your day-of details are the perfect way to incorporate some of your personality into your big day. If you want to make them band names, places you've visited, all of your dogs' names, etc. I can definitely do that for you!

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Place Cards, Escort Cards and Signage:
Since there's always a lot of questions about seating and signage, I made its own FAQ! Please click here to view it! 

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