Wait, There’s More Than One Way To Print?

Pirouette Paper Company | Different Ways To Print On Paper

YES! And while this can get really technical, I’ll try to keep it as simple as can be. The three types of printing are digital, letterpress and foil.


Digital printing, as shown in the photo in the middle, is a toner-based process using an image generated from a computer and printed flat on paper. This type of printing is ideal for very colorful artwork including watercolor work.

    Cost: low

    Colors: unlimited matte colors

    Texture: none

    Paper Weight: 80-120#


Letterpress involves printing one color at a time using an inked printing plate, which is pushed into the paper creating an indent of the plate design. Each plate is used with one color at a time, therefore the more colors you have, the more expensive it gets. This method is best with heavier papers and is incredibly elegant and beautiful. You can see a "blind" letterpress (where there's no actual ink, just an indent) on the right in the photo above.

    Cost: high

    Colors: one at a time

    Texture: impression in paper

    Paper Weight: 110-220#


Also a single-color process, foil printing works by laying a sheet of metallic foil on paper, heating up a metal plate and pressing it against that metallic paper. This leaves a slight indent on the paper of the plate design and produces a beautiful shine as shown on the left in the photo above. This process makes for a gorgeous statement invitation, envelope liner, envelope addressing, or accent to any other paper good.

    Cost: highest

    Colors: one at a time

    Texture: metallic shine and slight impression

    Paper Weight: 80-220#

That’s the brief run-down for the types of printing! These processes can also be mixed to create the design of your dreams!  Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, I’m here to explain my paper knowledge with you!

Kaylyn Sherman