Meet Grayson and Olive!

Grayson and Olive | Mallory Dawn Photo | Pirouette Paper

As many of you know, Jimmy and I added an addition to our little family! On May 22, 2017 we drove to Eagle Mountain, Utah to get our Native American Indian Shepherd puppy, Olive. With all of the excitement, training and cuddles going on I haven’t had the time to introduce all of you here on the blog, so I wanted to take a minute to not only do that, but to tell you a little bit about my other dog, Grayson, too!

I have always been a dog lover throughout my life, but I had never planned on owning one (let alone two!) at this stage in my life. However, I unexpectedly got Grayson three years ago as a sophomore in college. The minute I saw his adorable face I just knew that he had to be mine. The apartment I was living in at the time wouldn’t allow pets, so I moved into another apartment and within that week I picked him up and took him home! We’ve been the happiest pair ever since.

 When Jimmy was added into the equation, he became the perfect dog dad for Grayson. One of the things I love the most about Jimmy is the bond that he has with Grayson and how much he cares for him.

Jimmy and I decided to get Olive as soon as we saw she was available! We had just upgraded to a bigger apartment and the timing was perfect, so we drove out to Utah to pick her up and Grayson stayed with my parents until we could bring her home.  When they finally got to meet, they were just the cutest siblings ever.

Now, Grayson and Olive are best friends. Olive is about 24 pounds as of today and expected to be at least 80 when she's full grown. When we got her just over a month ago, she was only 13 pounds! She's growing so quickly and it's just the cutest, most adorable thing ever. 

I could not be more happy living life with my little family! To follow along, you can see their Instagram, @graysonandolive

Kaylyn Sherman