Milena + Jake


Ahhhhh, coming back to write this post and re-live this incredible day just gives me all the good feels. Not only was it one of my best friends marrying the love of her life, but I got to be there with them in the beautiful Douglasville, Georgia. Here's a little insight to why this wedding meant so much to me and why I was so lucky to be a part of it... it's gonna get personal!

Jake and Milena met in Florida and their love was so strong, Milena moved out to California to help Jake chase his dreams and conquer an entirely different coast that neither of them had lived in before. Milena and I met working at Disneyland in Anaheim and we didn't truly get to know each other until we signed our lease on December 20, 2014. That's right- we were strangers to each other and she took another leap of faith by choosing to live with me, the crazy student/aspiring calligrapher/dog mom to an INSANE dog/overly organized probably pain in the ass, but holy cow, I'm so happy with her decision. It's now two years later and we just moved out to two different homes and it's very weird not having her a few steps away from me every day! I think the real burden is on my dog, Grayson, who loves her more than the moon, sun and all of the stars and is counting down the days until he can see her beautiful face again.

Milena is truly one of the kindest, most loyal and most encouraging people I've ever met. Her smile brightens your day, her corny jokes keep you laughing and she is always there for you when you need her and even when you don't know you need her. We have had our ups and downs, but my favorite memories from the past two years have been thanks to her and our bachelorette nights, boxed wine, barbecue chips, and face masks. She has the biggest heart and is always there to lift you up, give the best advice, and make your dog pee everywhere in excitement because he loves her so much too. 

She is so special to me and I am so thankful for her friendship because she has been a #1 supporter from the beginning of my Pirouette Paper journey. She comes to me with amazing ideas and suggestions, is always there to give me a second eye on my work when I doubt myself and most importantly, she gives an honest opinion with everything I come to her about.

When she FaceTimed me from Florida with her big engagement ring, I was so unbelievably happy for them! He proposed the same place they had one of their first dates and sang her part of a song that he wrote for her. On their wedding day, he sang her the finished song before the ceremony from behind a door and it was the perfect way to start their marriage celebration. 

Being able to not only be in her wedding, but to also have my work there was such an honor! Her choices with the paper goods were so personalized and beautiful, I loved how it tied everything together and really brought out her and Jake's personality. Her dad, a Christian coloring book artist (and just overall insanely amazing illustrator) did all of the illustrations throughout the paper goods. From the custom stamps, to the front of the programs, invitations and map, he really captured the essence and detail of the gorgeous couple for all of these pieces. 

Three of my favorite things about their wedding details were their food, their place cards and the games that they had at the breathtaking venue. The food was some of their own favorites including sliders, a chicken fajita bar, a mac and cheese bar, caprese salad and blueberry donuts. They also had a coffee bar there to tie in their shared love affair for good coffee (and not to mention the delicious peach sweet tea that I think I drank the majority of...). They also had cornhole and Jenga outside so there was never a dull moment for their special day. The place cards were so personal to each guest, as she had me write what they call each person. "Mama Carter", "Aunt Pam", and "Dad O'Connell" were part of that bunch and it was just the sweetest touch.

One of the greatest parts about this wedding for me, was getting to spend time with both of their incredible and hilarious families. Both Jake and Milena's parents are such genuine and thoughtful people and they did an incredible job raising all of their kids. Their whole family kept me laughing the entire time too - they are some of the funniest people I've ever met and the family stories about the two of them as kids were hilarious. A really special moment was when Jake and Milena chose for their moms to light the unity candle during the ceremony to symbolize both families becoming one. I loved this touch and to bring the moms into the ceremony meant so much to them. They were so beautiful too!

Overall, it was a magical day and I wish I could re-live it over and over again. Milena was strikingly beautiful, Jake was handsome and fashionable (both as always!), but the genuine love between this couple and the amount of love and support surrounding them with their beautiful families was the real magic to this day. 


The amazing vendors that put this wedding together:

Planning & Design: LAUREN EMERSON EVENTS  |  Photography: SARAH INGRAM

Kaylyn Sherman