Our Proposal Story


You guys! I’m engaged! To the man of my freakin’ dreams!

I recently got all of these lovely photographs back from Mallory Haren (@mallorydawnphoto) and I just couldn’t wait any longer to share them with you all. Jimmy and I got engaged on March 6th, 2017, and it was the best surprise of my life!

Jimmy calls me on his lunch everyday, it’s the time where we get to rant, catch up, plan dinner, and what shows we’re watching for the night. When he called me on March 6th though, I had no idea he was actually being filmed by Theater10 Films (@theater10weddingfilms) and paying off my ring. Seriously, ladies, I had no idea and I’m so glad! The funny part is that my assistant Heather was with me and we were joking about how I didn’t want to put on real clothes for the photoshoot I was supposedly going to with Mallory — if you know me, you know I live in pajamas!

Let me backtrack for a moment, Mallory told me I had to dress nicely for this client, because they were paying her the big bucks; she even taught me how to roll film! Which now is hilarious because why the heck would I ever need that? I do calligraphy - but she totally stumped me that day.

The day through my eyes: It was an average day working with my assistant, and I knew there was a photoshoot a little later on in the day that I was going to assist on. Jimmy called me on his lunch, and we talked for a bit like usual (I repeat - NOTHING out of the ordinary!), I got ready to meet up with Mallory, and we went to our favorite place: Souplantation, obviously. 

Then Mallory got a little fishy - she was eating so slow, which normally she doesn’t do at Soupys. So, I kept thinking ‘weren’t we supposed to be leaving already? Weren't we supposed to be there like 10 minutes ago?!’ Mallory said they were running late so we had some more time. AND I BELIEVED HER. 

We finally got to Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna and still not thinking anything of it, I saw my friend Amanda at the top of the stairs with a daisy in her hands and I immediately knew it was happening. Jimmy had all of my closest friends and family lined down the steps, each with a white daisy (my favorite flower) in hand. They all said something incredibly sweet to me as I was making my way down the steps.  

Jimmy’s mom, Karen, even flew out from Ohio to be there for this special moment! After my family, I saw her, she gave me flowers and a big hug and walked me half way to where Jimmy was waiting.

I walked towards Jimmy on the beach and he was holding my dog, Grayson, and again you guys all know how much I love my little guy - he’s my baby. I was so happy seeing them both there waiting for me. It was magical. Jimmy and Grayson were in the middle of a driftwood heart and then Jimmy spoke the sweetest words to me, words that his father had only spoken to him. But you should just watch the video, or else I’ll give too much away!

And then, Jimmy did what I’ve only ever dreamed about — he got down on one knee and asked me the question, “will you marry me?” Of course I said a huge YES! He liked it so he put a ring on it…and the rest is history! <3

Kaylyn Sherman