Studio Tour

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When I started Pirouette Paper full time, I was working out of our one bedroom apartment foiling cards on the kitchen countertop with my makeshift  “studio” really just being a desk. My supply closet took the place of our pantry, and I had a table for all of my orders set up in the living room. It was a tight fit, but I made it work!

 As my business grew and I hired my assistant, Heather, the two of us working each day in that apartment was nearly impossible. However, working from home is something that I love and I didn’t feel ready to give that up just yet.

After Jimmy and I got engaged we decided that it was time to move into a bigger space! When the two bedroom apartment just next door to ours opened up it felt like fate! Within a few weeks we were moving in and I was turning that second bedroom into my studio! It took some time (especially with the new puppy!), but Heather and I have finally organized and decorated the new Pirouette Paper studio!  

I hung previous designs along the wall for inspiration and to showcase my past work and designed a quote, “do what you love”, to place on the wall, laser cut by Happily Ever Etched in gold. With my newly updated logo on the wall (also laser cut by Happily Ever Etched), it feels official that I have a little space of my own to work! I also have my main desk where all of the design and business operations get done, my work desk in front of the window where the natural light shines through for my artsy work, and Heather’s desk against the other wall. 

It’s such a wonderful feeling to have my work space and to be able to close the door at the end of the day. It brings a great work-life balance into my life. Plus, Grayson and Olive love it! We do still tend to make our way out into the living room to package all of our orders, so there might be an off-site space coming soon (;

I can’t wait to see what the next step for Pirouette Paper will be, but for now, this new studio is the perfect fit for me.  

Take a look at the photos for a full tour of the office!


Photography: Mallory Dawn Photography   |  Laser Cut Signs:  Happily Ever Etched

Kaylyn Sherman