Invitation FAQ

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I always tell my clients from the beginning: there's a million options when it comes to invitations and it's super easy to get overwhelmed! I'm here to make it as easy as possible for you and I've answered some of the most popular questions for you here; I hope you find it helpful!

When should I be mailing out my invitations?
Typically, you'll mail out your invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding. This timeframe gives guests about 3 weeks to respond and 3-4 weeks for you to get your final guest count with enough time. If you're having a destination wedding, 8-10 weeks is more appropriate so guests can book their travel plans. You can always send them earlier if it's a busy time of year (November/December). Save the dates should go out as soon as you know your date and venue but not any sooner than 6 months before the wedding. Remember that the design + printing time for invitations is usually a couple months, so be sure to book your invitations early! 

What should I put my "RSVP by" date as?
At least a month before the wedding date. If you're like me and want to know your RSVPs sooner, that's okay! No sooner than 2 months before the wedding since that ups the risk of more drop-outs, but no later than 1 month.

When do I need to book with you?
The invitation design process can be as quick as 2 weeks, but it's usually more around 4-6 weeks. The turnaround time once sent to print adds some time as well (usually about 3-4 weeks) so be sure to book early enough to avoid any rush fees. I would suggest to have our initial consultation about 5-6 months before the wedding so we have extra time to work on everything together. If it's sooner than that, no worries! We just need at least 2 months before your target send-out date to design + print, but rush fees may be needed depending on the timeline.

How many invitations should I order?
This is completely up to your guest list. Invitation quantity should be per household and different from your guest count. For example, one invitation will be sent to "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and one will be sent to "The Brown Family", but those two invitations could be for 6 people.  Be sure to add 5-10 extra just in case there's any last-minute add ons or you need to re-send any! 

How much do custom wedding invitations cost?
Custom wedding invitation design is $650, plus any design charges for monograms, venue sketches, envelope liners, etc. In addition to the design cost are the printing, embellishment and assembly costs. These are so specific to what each couple wants, so I can't tell you exactly until we have our initial consultation. Most range from $1200-$4000.

What printing methods do you use?
I can print three ways: digital, letterpress or foil. Digital printing can be done on cardstock paper or thinner, excluding handmade paper. We can print digitally in multiple colors so if you have any watercolor design, this is the one for you! Letterpress and foil can be done one color at a time and on any thickness of paper. Letterpress leaves an indentation in the paper to add some texture and is right in the middle cost-wise. Foil is the most expensive printing method, but it's the only one that will leave a metallic shine on paper. For more information on the printing methods, please see this post.

Do I have to live in California to work with you? 
Absolutely not! All designing is done on the computer and I can always ship your final pieces to you so whether you live in Orange County or Italy - we will be able to work together! If you're local to Orange County, we can do our initial consultation in person, but if you're out of town we will FaceTime to go over all options.

Do you take the invitations to the Post Office for me?
This is the one part of invitations that I do not do for you purely because of liability. I can assemble them for you if needed, but I will get them to you to mail out. I always teach you the best ways to send them through the Post Office! 

Why are you more expensive than online invitation stores such as Minted or Zazzle?
Minted or Zazzle might be a better option for you if you're on a tight budget and if paper isn't a priority for you. I always say that brides have different priorities when it comes to their details. For example, mine were: paper, photography, video and florals. Some people don't care at all about the paper and just do what's cheapest which is totally fine! Some brides, their #1 is their dress or their shoes or cake which are all great too! But if you are a bride who loves paper, stationery and pretty writing, I'm your gal! Booking an invitation designer will allow you to have a suite that is custom to you and your personality as a couple, your venue and your wedding style. I will help you bring your vision to life and to create your dream wedding invitations that are a forever keepsake and wonderful first impression to your guests that the online invitation stores cannot do.

How does the design process work?
We start with an initial consult either on the phone, FaceTime or in person where we discuss options and figure out your likes and dislikes for your invitations. We'll figure out what works with your budget and narrow down on some options for what will work best for you. After that consult, I'll send over an estimate for you to approve. If you have changes or if there's options to pick from the estimate, I will update until that's all approved and then send the invoice, contract and wording form. Once those are all submitted, I create a design board for you and then the proofing process begins! You'll get four proofs to make adjustments, see different options and give feedback on until they're exactly how you want it! Once they look good, I'll send a final design release for you to sign your approval and then your invitations will be sent to print! They'll come back to me after the printer, I'll do any applicable assembly or calligraphy addressing and then they will be ready for pickup or shipping! You'll also receive a timeline with target dates and a "ready for pick up" date.

How do you accept payment?
All of my invoices are sent online, but you don't have to pay through the system if you don't want to. I accept payment through that online invoicing system via credit or debit card, or you can pay with cash or mail a check. A 50% non-refundable retainer is due upon contract signing before the design process starts and the remainder is due at time of final design release approval.

How should I word my wedding invitations?
This answer is a bit longer, so check out this post here!
It includes questions about the main invitation, RSVP card, meal choice, adults only and details card wording.

How should I address my envelopes?
This requires a little more detailed of an answer as well, so I'll have you take a look at this post here!

If the custom is a out of your price range or if you'd like some information on the semi-custom line, please click below: