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The question I get asked the most is "how do I word my wedding invitations?" and I am here to help you get that information!

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The top of the invitation will be who is hosting the event, followed by who is getting married, followed by: the date, time, place and reception information.
For the hosting, here are some common ways to write this information:

Bride's Parents (Married) Hosting
"Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter..."

Bride's Parents (Divorced) Hosting
"Ms. Anne Rogers and Mr. John Smith request..."

Bride's Parents (Remarried) Hosting
"Ms. Anne Rogers and Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request..."

*if it's the groom's parents hosting, it would say "request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their son ___ to ___" instead

Bride's Parents (Widowed) Hosting
"Mrs. Anne Smith and the late Mr. John Smith request..."

Bride's Parents Hosting with Mention of Groom's Parents
"Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter Melanie Smith to George Rodgers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rodgers"

Both Side's Parents Hosting
"Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Mr. and Mrs. David Jones request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their children..."
"Together with their parents, Melanie and John invite you..."
*can also include parents' names in this one

Bride and Groom Hosting
"Together with their families, Melanie and John invite you..."
"Melanie and John request the pleasure of your company at their wedding..."


This is the part that has the wording asking them to join. Here are some situations for you:

Formal (usually in a place of worship)
"...request the honor of your company"

Formal 2
"...request the pleasure of your company"
Casual 1
"...invite your to share in the celebration of their wedding.."
Casual 2
"...joyfully invite you share in their happiness as they exchange vows.."

You can write your names however you prefer! The options are:
Full Name: Anne Marie Rogers to John Mark Smith
First and Middle: Anne Marie to John Mark
First and Last: Anne Rogers to John Smith
First: Anne to John
Or you can do any combination of these! Sometimes the bride wants first and middle with the groom's full name (Anne Marie to John Mark Smith)

Between 8am-11:55am: "..in the morning"
Between 12pm-4:55pm: "...in the afternoon"
After 5pm: "...in the evening"
Any :15, :30 or :45: "a quarter/half/three quarters past _ in the _"

Written Out
"Saturday, the fifth of May, two thousand nineteen at five o'clock in the evening"
 "Saturday, the 5th of May, two thousand nineteen at 4:30pm"
"Saturday, May 5, 2019 at 3:00pm"

Just the Venue
 "The Resort at Pelican Hill"
(you would usually put the full address on the details card)
Venue + Address
 "The Resort at Pelican Hill
1234 Newport Drive, Newport Beach, California 92112"

"Dinner and dancing to follow"
"Reception to immediately follow"
"Party starts after"
"Cocktails, dinner and dancing to follow"

And again, there's no "wrong" way to word your invitations these days. Make them as fun and casual or traditional as you want! It's your wedding, so make it yours!!

So if you put it all together, it'll look a little something like this:
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Anne Marie Smith
George Mark Rogers
Saturday, the fifth of May, two thousand nineteen
at five o'clock in the evening
The Smith Estate
1234 Street Avenue, City, State 92312
Dinner and dancing to follow


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RSVP Examples-01.png

You'll want some sort of title for your reply cards and the most popular are:
"Kindly Reply"
"Please Respond"
"Kindly RSVP"

Under the title, you'll want a date written for them to reply by such as "by Saturday, the fifth of May". These can be fully written out, partially numbered or fully numbered just like the options for the main invitation.

After the date, you'll have a line for the guest to write their name in. This is so you know who's RSVP card it is. There's usually an "M" in front of this line, so they can write in their prefix such as "Mrs. Anne Smith"

A little tip: if you're worried someone might not write their name in the line, you can number the backs of your RSVP cards and then you can tell who's is missing!

There's a ton of ways for you to have them mark "yes" or "no" to if they're coming or not. Here are some options for you!
Can’t Wait/Can’t Make it
Wouldn’t Miss it for the World/We’ll be there in Spirit
Joyfully Accepts/Regretfully Declines
Will be there/Will be toasting from afar
Accepts with Pleasure/Declines with Regret
Number Attending/Unable to Attend

There's a lot of other information that you may need from your guests or some stuff that's just fun! Here are some of the most popular options for additional RSVP card wording:

Seats Reserved
“We have reserved ___ seats in your honor” or “The number of seats reserved for this invitation: ___"
This is so they know how many people are invited with this invitation. The only "con" to this line is that if you invite "Joe and Sue" but Sue can't come, Joe might think he can bring someone else.

Attending Guests
"Number Attending ___ Unable to Attend ___” or “Number of guests attending ___”
People put this on there so they can have a clear idea of how many in each party is actually going to come.

Food Choice
If you're having a plated meal,  you'll need to have a food choice on your reply card. The most popular ways to word this would be to have one of these lines:
 “Please place each guest’s initials next to their food choice” or “Please indicate each guest’s entrée selection”
with the meals underneath it (___chicken  ___beef ___vegetarian)

If you're not doing a plated meal, you won't need this, but it might be a good idea to have a line for vegetarians or a line for allergies. You can put this on the bottom like so: "Vegetarian(s) __" and/or "Allergies: ________"

Song Request
Something that might be fun is to have a song request line! I did this for my invitations and it was fun to see all of the songs people would want played. We made a playlist of all of those songs and whenever I hear them, it makes me think of the person who requested it (: it also lets you "approve" what requested songs to play so you can give to your DJ beforehand so they don't play any day-of requested songs.

How do I tell my guests there are no kids?
This is one of the most asked questions I get when designing invitations! And the answer is there are multiple ways you can get the information across:

"we kindly ask that all guests be ___ years of age or older"
"Adults only"
"An adult only affair"
"Due to safety regulations, our venue does not allow children."
"As much as we love your kiddos, we are having an adult only ceremony and reception. We hope you see this as an opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy the party with us"
"We want to offer all guests an evening of leisure and libations. Please leave your sweet babies at home for this adult only occasion"

You can put any of these on the bottom of the RSVP card so they see it when they're replying, or you can put this information on your details card as well as on your wedding website if you have one.


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Details cards are used to get guests all of the necessary information or to direct them to your wedding website. Sometimes they include information that's not incredibly useful, but really cute (like maps) and it brings some personality into your invitation suite! 

Here are a few options:

The options are really endless with what you might want to put on a details card! Here are some of the most popular things to include in a details card and some examples with them!

Hotel Information
"A block of rooms has been reserved at Hotel San Diego under the group name 'Smiths123'. Be sure to mention the code upon booking and to book your room before April 2nd"
Parking Information
"we strongly encourage you to Uber or Lyft to the venue due to limited parking and challenging street parking" or "free valet will be available upon arrival"
Registry Information
"the couple is registered at Williams Sonoma and Anthropologie" or "in lieu of a traditional registry, monetary contributions towards our honeymoon and future life together would be greatly appreciated"
Wedding Website URL
"for registry information, links to hotels and other fun details, please visit our wedding website at www.thesmiths.com"
Welcome Reception or Rehearsal Information
See photo above with both event details
The map can be as detailed or simple as you want, please contact me if you'd like to see examples of maps!
Timeline (with or without illustrations)
See photo above with timeline illustrations
Adults Only Tidbit
"as much as we love your kiddos, we are having an adult only ceremony and reception. We hope you will see this as an opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy the party with us!"
"Unplugged" Ceremony Tidbit
"we ask that you be fully present for the ceremony by putting all of your devices away during this time. We have an incredible photographer capturing every moment and we would love for you to be in the moment with us!"
"cocktail attire" or "black tie optional", etc.
"the ceremony will be outdoors on the beach, so I would suggest bringing a jacket in case it gets a little cold"






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