Invitation Design

Stationery can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, but luckily I can help you with everything from invites to thank you cards! I specialize in hand-done calligraphy and using the best possible papers, inks and printing possible. I can create something completely custom for you or if you see something you like in my portfolio, we can go from there!

I'll break down the invitation design process for you! From consultation to pick up, this process takes on average 6-10 weeks.

Part 1 is when we get together in person or over Skype/call and we talk about your vision for your wedding and exactly what your paper needs are! Then, I create an outline of my expected design timeline and a 50% retainer is due at this time. I'll also create a mood board with what we talked about for your vision so we can go over every detail together with wording, ink/paper colors, accents and details, calligraphy styles and more. After that, some beautiful designs will come your way!

Part 2 is where you make any edits and refinements to the design after a few of those, I make a beautiful final proof for you! On your approval, I give you the final design release and then I send them to print! Payment remainder is due at time of invitation pick up.

Keep in mind that Save the Dates should be sent out 6-8 months prior to your date, and invitations should be sent about 6-8 weeks before the wedding, longer if it's a destination wedding. Remember that you'll need the RSVPs about 3-4 weeks before your wedding so make sure you keep that in your timeline!

After the invitation is complete, we can work on any day of paper goods and signage! With escort cards, menus, programs, welcome signs, seating charts, seating signs and everything else, I can create beautiful and cohesive wedding details just for you!